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Interview with Richard Durand: “I Have a Normal Life”

We had a privilege to talk wtih Richard Durand. What we found out within 20 minutes? Feel free to read our interview that you have never read before!

30. 11. 2019 0

Interview with Mark Sherry – „My first album will came out next year“

Hello Mark, your style is very close to tech trance. In the last couple of years, the harder styles of trance becoming more and more popular. Do you agree with that? Hi guys, for me it’s always played a part in my DJ sets and productions, but I’d definitely say that the hard-trance sound is…
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15. 09. 2018 0

Interview with Giuseppe Ottaviani – „I spend more time with my family than my friends“

Giuseppe Ottaviani – Interview for ASOT CZ Hi Peppe, it’s almost like yesterday when I was getting ready for our first interview. You performed at EXIT in Brno at the time. It was a great party. What has changed since then? What about your health, are you all right? It was a great party indeed.…
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09. 09. 2018 0

Interview with Paul Webster – „Trance is getting a bit of a battering again“

Paul Webster – Interview for ASOT CZ Hello Paul, when I was preparing for our interview, I found very little interviews with you. You are not a big fan of interviews, aren’t you?  You must not look hard enough. 🙂 I’ve done a serious amount of written and video interviews over the years. In an interview…
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06. 09. 2018 0

Interview with Christopher Lawrence – „Pop trance needs its own genre“

Interview with Christopher Lawrence for ASOT CZ Hi Chris, you are one of the main underground trance icons. Could you briefly describe the main differences between underground and mainstream trance? I think the main difference is that the underground trance is more serious and darker. A lot of mainstream trance sounds like pop music with…
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03. 09. 2018 0

Interview with David Rust – „I would love to get to play in every country around the world“

Interview with David Rust for ASOT CZ Hi David, in an interview for On the Sesh, you said you’re not a fan of 14-minute “pure trance” breakdowns… For fans who do not know you, what can they expect from you? Ahoj Czech Trance Family, For those who have not heard of me already you can…
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31. 08. 2018 0

Interview with Airwave – „I almost ended up homeless at some point“

Airwave – Interview for ASOT CZ Hi Airwave, you released your first track in 1998. It’s been 20 years! When you look back over those 20 years, do you realize the huge part of the way behind you? Technically it’s 99. I released my first Airwave track, I want to Believe, in January 99. To…
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28. 08. 2018 0

Interview with Omnia at CityFest 2018

We will be honest, Omnia has been one of the coolest DJ we have ever talked with (and we’ve talked with a lot of DJs already :).

18. 07. 2018 0