Interview with Paul Webster – „Trance is getting a bit of a battering again“

Paul Webster – Interview for ASOT CZ

Hello Paul, when I was preparing for our interview, I found very little interviews with you. You are not a big fan of interviews, aren’t you? 

You must not look hard enough. 🙂 I’ve done a serious amount of written and video interviews over the years.

In an interview for Dave Pearce, you said you were working on the album. But the album hasn’t been released yet. What happened?

Yes that was the plan back in maybe 2008/09 had a bunch of singles done like – The Wolf, Time, Istanbul and the plan was to release an album through Armada who where up for it but then I decided it was better to release singles and get them out there, albums kinda faded off them and you don’t see as much of them released now.

You have been for over 10 years on trance music scene. But on the other side, you are still “fresh face” for many fans and listeners. Is that your purpose?

Yes longer maybe 12 years, I don’t see myself as a fresh face tho and certainly don’t feel as young either as I’m 33 now but deffo younger than some of my friends in the scene!

At Luminosity 2018 you performed the Classics set. Will be the classics sets from you more frequent in the future?

Yes its something that I love doing but not all the time, i get such a buzz playing tunes that hold many memories for me both personally and from a djing aspect, the set in 2017 at Luminosity was really the first and went down so well, I get a lot of requests for classics sets but only select places is a good time to do them as I try not play the same tracks to keep the classics set fresh, but deffo have plans for rest of the year and in 2019 to do a few more select ones which will be announced soon.

Do you prefer a male or female vocal in trance music?

Both, I love vocal tracks, and always feature in my sets.

In which country and at what event do you prefer to play?

Cream at Amnesia in Ibiza was always a special place to play for me, that is gone now, so to have played there a few times is deffo up there, The Gallery at The Ministry Of Sound in London, love that place, so many good places to play tho Buenos Aires, New York, Mexico City, Sydney, Bratislava.

How do you manage to combine personal life with your career?

I don’t hahaha, I work full time and have done again since 2012, I’m a dental nurse and between that and been married with two kids can be a struggle, but I try to find once a month for a studio and do gigs but it doesn’t always work out like that. 🙂

How do you think trance & progressive music will develop in the following years? Do you wish it to evolve in a certain direction? Which one?

That’s an interesting one, as I see trance getting a bit of a battering again at the moment but it will always be here, sometimes going back underground can be a good thing for it, as you don’t see any trance artists on any of the mainstages’s at the major festivals these days but that doesn’t mean it’s dead you only have to look at the massive Dreamstate events and how well they do, I love all styles of music tho and the sets I listen to the most would be Prydz, Camelphat, Adam Bayer, Will Atkinson, and Bryan Kearney.

Thank you for the interview and we are looking forward to your set in Ostrava.

Yes, I can’t wait, first time back in Czech land since 2014, I’ll have 2 new tracks to debut on the night and one massive bootleg along with a wide spectrum of tunes to destroy the place, can’t wait, see you then.

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