Interview with Airwave – „I almost ended up homeless at some point“

Airwave – Interview for ASOT CZ

Hi Airwave, you released your first track in 1998. It’s been 20 years! When you look back over those 20 years, do you realize the huge part of the way behind you?

Technically it’s 99. I released my first Airwave track, I want to Believe, in January 99. To be honest, I’m not of those people looking back too often, even though I am extremely proud of my career so far. Next year though as we’ll celebrate 20 years of Airwave, I’d love to make something special.

It is admirable that you keep your sound the whole time (unlike many DJs). Most of your music does not deviate from the rails. Why is it? Do you think there is less influence on you and especially from the commerce scene?

Thanks! I don’t do it on purpose. I just listen to my heart and not to the Nay-sayers of this business. There are enough of them. They tell you that it’s the way of the world, and blah blah. Let’s forgive them, it’s not their fault. It’s just that once you have a dream, nothing can stand in your way. I stick to my original plan from when I was 14 years old. It’ll always be my main focus until I make it happen. But that dream of mine that keeps me going for all these years, I keep it for myself. I protect it from the outside world. So I’m glad to keep going, I make these tracks, slowly moving towards my original plan, and people love it. There are worse ways to pave the path to your personal accomplishment.

In an interview with Trancerepublic, you said you hate the term “producer”. Why?

It’s an old-school weakness of mine. Originally the producer was just the guy investing the money and giving an art direction while the rest was done by the composer, the lyricist eventually, the mixing engineer, the band members if any… Nowadays anyone calls himself a Producer, even those who just say yay or nay while sitting in the studio, patiently looking at the composers and the real artists sweating behind their machines. I see a lot of people putting their names on records they haven’t made as they don’t even know how to play music. That’s the reason why I hate when people call me a producer. I’m an enthusiastic synthesizer specialist who’s able to compose music and put it together to deliver a final product. A creator if you want. I do everything from A to Z for the best and the worst. That said, I should rely on more people. This control freak attitude of mine is tricking me at times.

“I see a lot of people putting their names on records they haven’t made as they don’t even know how to play music.” – Airwave

Your music is full of emotions… How are you do that? Is it art, gift, or how would you describe it?

If that is your opinion, well, my eternal gratitude. It makes me happy that you think that! It’s what I’m living for! It’s pure physics to me, I just put things together, and try to give them a human touch, imperfect. Imperfect is beautiful, or is it the opposite?

Do you think that there are too many releases nowadays? It’s hard to get to quality tracks from unfamiliar DJs if they are not supported by more familiar names… My opinion is that quantity exceeds quality. Or do you find it as a positive trend?

There’s never been a better period than now for me. Because you really need to dig deep inside yourself to know what you really like and want to play. Regardless of the genres, I listen to a lot of records. And learn a lot from that. Life is so full of beautiful music for the ears of those who look for it.

“Life is so full of beautiful music for the ears of those who look for it.” – Airwave

Aren’t you frustrated by the fact that a lot of true musicians with the passion for music get little or no appreciation? And over-the-top there is a lot of “one-track DJ stars”? There was a joke around the Internet that the quality trance producers don’t have “what to eat”…

I’ll speak for myself, I’ve been through this before and I’m even going to tell you… I almost ended up homeless at some point. But the truth is that I’ve learned a lot from this. There are three things I can tell. First, that’s that no one is going to save you from reality. You have a dream, make it come true, stick to your plan, don’t listen to others who don’t believe in you.

Secondly, if your track doesn’t make it, don’t blame others, the people, the scene. And don’t blame yourself either. A true artist learns perpetually. Learn your lessons, grow up, become the best version of yourself.

Thirdly, don’t look at others. You only have one life, and you want to ruin by comparing yourself to others constantly, which is stupid. Only YOU know what is going to make you a better person, for yourself and the others.

Do you think trance music attracts a certain group of people? Or we cannot talk about that like this?

There are literally billions of possibilities in one’s brain that would explain why we like this specific genre. But it’s just a Genre, a sticker placed on a bunch of music pieces in a similar area. That said, you can’t compare my stuff to 140 Uplifting. LOL

“You can’t compare my stuff to 140 Uplifting.” – Airwave

How do you think trance & progressive music will develop in the following years? Do you wish it to evolve in a certain direction? Which one?

I am spending too much time learning how to become a better version of myself constantly, I do not wish a genre to evolve in a direction. I leave it to people who need a genre stamp on the records they should listen to. I focus on my path.

Thank you for the interview and we are looking forward to your set in Ostrava.

Thank you it was my pleasure to answer your questions Today, looking forward to it too!

This interview was created in collaboration with the organizers of the Tranceformers 2018 event.

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