Beats For Love 2023 Day 2 – We weren’t ready for Deadmau5

I’m currently processing my impressions from the second day of this year’s Beats For Love festival, and I would like to share them with you. You will learn about the changes in the venue compared to previous editions, what has improved, and what was missing. I will primarily take you to the Future stage and, in the end, describe my feelings about Deadmau5’s set.


I arrived at the venue around half past four. The entrance was swift through the main gate. The security check was perhaps a bit too lenient, with just a metal detector scan and a quick glance into the backpack. They might consider tightening the security a bit; it certainly wouldn’t hurt.


First, I headed to the newly located ČEZ Energy Techno stage, which is currently situated to the left of the Love stage (which was still waiting for its first performance at 5 p.m.). The techno beats were pulsating from the Techno stage and could be heard almost all the way to the entrance. The new feature of this stage this year was not only its new location but also the tent that houses it. However, the primary reason for my visit was to listen to the Vero sound system by Funktion One, which is worth experiencing.

After about 20 minutes, I walked along the main corridor to explore the rest of the venue. Just like last year, there were many food stalls offering various refreshments. I missed my favorite maxi hotdog a little bit (in the end, I settled for a smaller one elsewhere). As I walked through the venue, it was clear that all the stages were much better designed than last year. I admit that I didn’t see them all, but the ones I saw were impressive.

After touring the venue, I moved on to the Future stage, which, like the Techno stage, was housed in a new tent. The advantage of these tents is that there are no obstructing pillars, and there is plenty of space inside. I particularly praise the seating areas. I stayed there for Rado Van Bee and Priest, both of whom delivered a fantastic Anjunadeep-style performance. After about 15 minutes of Spada’s set, I grabbed a hotdog and revisited the Techno stage, where I danced for about an hour. I don’t know who was playing, but it was great. I recommend it to those who don’t usually listen to techno. It’s worth a try.

Around 9 p.m., I returned to the Future stage. At the Love stage, there were some butchers cutting something—I’m not a fan/don’t understand what they were playing 🙂 on the other hand, The Regge 2 Jungle stage looked quite interesting. It offered faster music with catchy funky melodies.

Klur had just finished his set on the Future stage, but it didn’t resonate with me as it was quite sleep-inducing. However, Jody Wisternoff took over and threw a great party. The problem on the second day was that there were conflicting performances. In this case, it was today’s megastar, Deadmau5, who clashed with Jody and Simon Doty.


I had high expectations for this performance because Joel is an incredible musician and a technology expert. It was clear that it would be one of the best shows I would ever experience. I’m pleased to announce that it truly was. From the first beat to the last, I was drawn into Joel’s world and savored every second. The visuals, perfectly synchronized with the music, were the most captivating aspect.

The Love stage this year was truly beautiful. The organizers put a lot of effort into it. The sound was excellent (although the highs were returning when I was standing about 20 meters in front of the FOH) and the show was also great. More LEDs mean more Adidas 🙂 ps: earplugs are recommended.

During Joel’s set, I noticed that many people from the front rows left, which allowed for more space in the mosh pit. It was also surprising to see fewer people holding up their phones, which, in my opinion, indicates that Joel’s show was interesting even for those who didn’t know him. When I compare it to last year’s Armin, I enjoyed it much more thanks to the space.

In conclusion

It’s evident that the organizers are putting a lot of effort into the event and strive to push the festival further each year. They definitely succeeded this year. Thanks to the organizers for the great experience, and until next time.