Armin van Buuren Revealed his 7th album – BALANCE

Four years after the album Embrace release, Armin van Buuren revealed his 7th studio album. It is called BALANCE and will be released on October 25th.

We started to notice that something was going on a few days ago. The Best of Armin Only Show and also a 6-part documentary Mr. Perfect have been published on Armin van Buuren’s Youtube channel. The Armin Only Show took place 2 years ago and the documentary was aired also a few years ago so the online release was a surprise for us.

There will be 2 CDs in the album BALANCE, each with 14 tracks. Armin revealed in ASOT 930 that 14 singles we had the opportunity to hear in his sets in recent weeks already (for example, Armin van Buuren & Avian Grays ft. Jordan Shaw – Something Real). 14 singles should be brand new.

The name BALANCE symbolizes Armin’s journey and the search for a balance between professional and personal life. We don’t expect a “pure trance” album but we think that some surprises will come.

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